You will always meet one of us artisans in the shop

Ateljénord craft shop is in the centre of Kiruna. We offer you the perfect gift from Kiruna. You can place special orders on the spot from the artisans, or just come in and let yourself be inspired by our creations. Here you can find art and ceramics by Ann-Louice Abrahamsson, enamels and glass handicraft by Eva Björnström, woodcraft by Lena Gustavsson, wrought iron by Anders Skoglind, gold and silver jewellery by Göran Söderström and handicraft in wool and reindeer leather by Gunnel Tjäder, who also paints folk art. Welcome. 

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Monday – Friday           12 noon – 18.00
Saturday                          10 - 15.00


Lars Janssonsgatan 23
981 31 Kiruna

phone +46 980 179 08

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About Ateljénord

Ateljénord.com was started in the year 2000 as a website for three artisans: Ann-Louice Abrahamsson, ceramicist and artist, Eva Björnström glass artisan and Gunnel Tjäder, folk art painter and worker in textiles/reindeer leather. In 2004, Lena Gustavsson, joiner, became a member. 

The same year, the first shared handicraft sales point opened its doors. It was a Christmas venture, open only that December. A smash hit!

The Christmas shop in December 2004
The Christmas shop in December 2004

Today’s craft shop Ateljénord in the centre of Kiruna opened in December 2005.

“The business idea is through a shared shop to sell and market both unique and batch produced handicraft, art handicraft, and art. In the shop you will always meet one of the creating artisans. Handicraft, art handicraft and art - everything is made or designed by one of the respective enterprises. We maintain the highest quality in both craftsmanship and design. The entrepreneurs operate in or near Kiruna council district.”

10-year anniversary 2015. Anders Skoglind and Göran Söderström

Praised  cooperation

At the Kiruna business gala on 25 January 2008, the crafters at Ateljénord won the Entrepreneurial Cooperation Award.
The jury wrote: “Through cooperation, these companies have raised their profile and in that way increased sales; different individuals, different talents grouped under one roof. Four role models with an artistic streak”.
Ateljénord won the Cooperative of the Year award in Norrbotten 2019, which was awarded by Coompanion Norrbotten together with Coop Norrbotten and Sparbanken Nord. We are very proud of their motivation:
"For many years, Ateljénord has been one of Kiruna's most important stores for high-quality, world-class local crafts. The quality is at a really high altitude and those who come to the store always meet one of the deeply committed craftsmen. Their work began just over 20 years ago when they began to build the strong foundation on which their entire continued collaboration would rest. Ateljénord is a role model through its serious collaboration and well-developed partnership agreements. They base their collaboration on everyone's equal value, high quality and willingness to develop together"

Prize giving "Cooperative of the year award in Norrbotten 2019"
Eva Björnström and Gunnel Tjäder

Artisans quit, start and make a comeback at Ateljénord

Eva Björnström left the shop in spring 2008. Rut Orrmalm Olsson, producer of textile handicraft, started at the shop in May 2008 and left the shop three years later. Göran Söderström, goldsmith from Lannavaara, joined us in October 2008, and Anders Skoglind started at the shop in February 2010. He is a blacksmith and cartoonist. Lena Lysvret started at the shop on 1 October 2011. She produces textile handicraft using quilt and patch technique. Lena left us in May 2017, and is moving back to her home region, Kinna. Eva Björnström is completing the circle by making a comeback at the shop.

Eva Björnström and Lena Lysvret

Midnight Sun exhibition every summer since 2012

“You who have the Midnight Sun must absolutely put on a Midnight Sun exhibition,” said Maud Åhn, county arts and crafts consultant. After ruminating for a few years we seized the opportunity, and since 2012 our Midnight Sun exhibition in the shop has been a recurring feature in the warmup party before Kiruna Festival.
Our opening times during the exhibition days have been from 12 noon to 12 midnight. “Midnight Sun”, “Recycling”, “Variation”, “Time”, “Contrast”, " Find Home”, "Texture"– these are different themes we have featured at our exhibitions. In 2019 our theme was " Roots" .
Here are some pictures from our Midnight Sun exhibitions >>

Dancer Fanny Kivimäki inaugurates our first Midnight Sun exhibition, 2012
Lena Gustavsson guides visitors in 2017, when the theme was "Find home"

Our exhibition posters

Anders Skoglind has illustrated most of our fine exhibition posters. In 2020, the theme was "Art Pause" and we chose to have a window exhibition due to the pandemic.
Here you can see more of his fine posters and a selection of pictures from our Midnight Sun Exhibitions >>

Midnight Sun exhibition 2020 - Konstpaus / Art Pause