Gunnel Tjäder

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Gunnel Tjäder

My business name is “Gunnel  Tjäder Form och hantverk” and it was founded in 1996. Wool prints and reindeer skin, the design of handcrafted items and the traditional painting of furniture in the Tornedalen style form the basis of my work. Colour and 
shape are the inspiration both for traditional and modern design.  

The northern lights, magical and always changing are one source of inspiration. The nature in Lapland with its mountains and forests, lakes and rivers, animals and flowers are another one. Other times the material itself, such as soft and smooth reindeer skin, gives inspiration and joy to create.  The colourful and attractive style of folk-art decoration from the Tornedalen region of northern Sweden provides the inspiration of my decoration of furniture.

Folk art

Brides chest in a warm base colour from 1800 with the handmade metal fittings in blue. Wood work by S. Pounu

The colourful and attractive style of folk art decoration from the Tornedalen region of Northern Sweden provides the inspiration for my decoration of furniture and other household items. The painting technique has its roots in the dales around the rivers Torne and Kalix and was at its peak during 1700 and 1800´s . Then, as now, the furniture was painted with handmixed colours in linseed oil.


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Wool and Reindeer skin

Art and craft in wool and naturally tanned reindeer skin.  Pictures, motifs and decorations are screen printed by hand onto wool (felt) . Several colours are used at the same time with creates exciting, sometimes unexpected colour effects. 

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Gunnel Tjäder  Form och hantverk

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