Ann-Louice Abrahamsson

Art and ceramics by Ann-Louice Abrahamsson
The unique ceramics are hand-turned into articles for everyday use in various sets of stylish and modern expressions.
The pictorial art consists mainly of watercolors with motifs and inspiration derived from lapland´s nature, climate and habitation.

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NEIGHBORS III. Adolf Hedinsvägen, Kiruna. 35 x 54 cm. 2016


HILDA. Cake dish made of stoneware with a white glaze. Grandmother Hilda's crocheted tablecloths are used in the manufacture of the cake dish.

Watercolors with motif from Kiruna, Lapland

Jewelery in ceramics, earring, pendant, and rings

Articles for everyday use made in stoneware and porcelain 

Art and ceramics by Ann-Louice Abrahamsson