Gunnel Tjäder, Anders Skoglind, Ann-Louice Abrahamsson, Eva Björnström, Göran Söderström och Lena Gustavsson

We are Ateljénord

We are a group of artisans/artists in Kiruna who together run Ateljénord and this website. The idea is to sell art handicraft and art by collaborating. We each have our own businesses based in studios and workshops in different parts of Kiruna district. One of us, Anders Skoglind, has his blacksmith’s workshop in Saittarova, which (as we all know) is in Pajala district. 
Ann-Louice Abrahamsson is a ceramicist and artist, Eva Björnström is a glass artisan, Lena Gustavsson a joiner, Anders Skoglind is a blacksmith and illustrator, Göran Söderström is a goldsmith and Gunnel Tjäder produces folk art and crafts in wool/reindeer leather. You will find contact details and more information about us on our respective pages.